Fit Bitch is retiring

Yesterday, I declared Slacker Fattie dead.  As I was writing the post I thought about Fit Bitch (formerly Skinny Bitch) and realized having one without the other just didn’t seem right.

So, I’ve decided to retire Fit Bitch.  No big fanfare needed.  No pictures to steal from Google Images.  She’s packing up her desk in a simple cardboard box and headed back to the abyss she evolved from.

The two were created to explain the inner push and pull many of us have in our struggle to become fit and healthy.  Sometimes I felt a little schizophrenic when writing about them but it was just the Gemini in me.  For me, that struggle is over.  I’m confident that Real Fit Mom will no longer need a devil and angel.

It feels good to close that chapter of my fit life.  Now I’m focusing simply on being real, being fit and being a mom (and wife…and person).


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