Make a difference in someone’s life

I spend a lot of time on social media.  I see friends donating to charities, starting foundations, running for causes, collecting donations, creating businesses and more.  They are making a difference in people’s lives and in their families lives.  They are doing something big.  I look at my life and wish there was something I could do. I see their posts and feel like I need to do more.  I want to do something.

This week I was shown that I am doing something big.  I am making a difference in people’s lives.  But I don’t look at it like that.  With the Facebook memories popping up daily I recently realized that I’ve been doing fitness challenges for almost four years.  Some were successful, many were not.  Lately, they have really taken off.  I’ve mentioned before that I started them as an accountability for me.  I felt that if I had other moms going through the same thing that I’d stick to my goals.  I have at times but haven’t at others.  I was hit hard when I was rear ended two years ago (pun intended).  Getting up to my heaviest weight was a big wake up call for me.  Seeing health issues a friend was having also became a motivation.  I created the Healthy and Fit Challenge and it was the most successful challenge yet.  Hot For Halloween was kind of a dud but I did finally see 129 lbs on the scale for the first time in many years.

12235133_10208085194714424_1057883123288829991_n The challenges DO work!

Last month, 29 moms joined the Relentless Challenge.  They have definitely been relentless.  It’s been such a humbling experience for me.  I’m very hard on myself in many areas of my life.  I’m trying to use Relentless to let go of things I’ve held onto for too long.  There are several other ladies in the same boat.  It’s not just a fitness challenge.  I wanted to work on their self esteem, bad food choices, finding out why we procrastinate, how to motivate ourselves and more.  Their support for each other is phenomenal.  Their commitment is unwavering.  Their accomplishments are big and small and they share them all (now I sound like Dr. Seuss).

I don’t want a pat on the back and I don’t look for recognition for what I do.  When I created Real Fit Mom, I just wanted to inspire one mom.  Each time one mom asks me to do another challenge I feel like I accomplished my goal.  There are more out there that want and need help, motivation and inspiration and I’m happy to do it.  I don’t make any money from the challenges and that’s okay.  I don’t put my name in to win any of the incentives and that’s okay, too.  I get paid and I win every time I see a post about losing three pounds, giving up soda, going on a walk, working out with kids, getting a husband to join, making it through a tough workout.  I win and get paid when I see sweaty  sparkle selfies, progress pictures, working through a cold or flu, hitting 10k steps and more.


These ladies have started to make me cry daily with their support, accomplishments and especially their gratitude.  I’m humbled, grateful, motivated, inspired, emotional and proud.  They are donating to their future.  They are starting strong foundations. They are creating healthy lifestyles.  They are doing something big.

And that makes it all worth it.  And makes me feel like I’m doing something big.  They make me happy and they make me smile.



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