Hot For Halloween Results

My last fitness challenge, Hot For Halloween, ended on October 31st. I started the challege at 146 lbs and ended at 129. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been in the 120’s.

I cut out fast food, pizza (this was a hard one), sweets, junk food and alcohol. I went through a couple of weeks of personal issues and wasn’t eating much. Normally, I would emotional eat but this time I listened to my body which just wasn’t hungry. I know it wasn’t the healthiest way to lose weight but I was elated to see those 10 lbs go away!

Halloween night I was able to wear my pirate costume from 5 years ago. The last few years my boots wouldn’t zip up and I couldn’t pull the sleeves up my arms.  It felt so good to get ready to go out with Hubby with tears of happiness instead of tears of defeat.


I still have some work to do, like getting rid of the belly pooch, but I’m on my way!!!

I’m so grateful to all of the moms who join my healthy and fit challenges. They are so motivating and inspiring!!!


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