Happiness is….meeting goals

I’ve been on this yoyo for several years now.  The last two years have been the worst dealing with the neck and back injury I’ll have forever (rear ended in September 2013). I reached my highest weight ever, 153 lbs which for my small 5’4″ frame was a lot for me. I’m used to being in the high teens or low 20’s even after having 5 kids.

I had a breakthrough during my last healthy and fit challenge, Hot For Halloween. I spent 2 weeks not eating much due to some personal issues but it was a big change from my usual emotional eating. That, paired with cutting out fast food, junk food, sweets, pizza and alcohol led me to see the glorious 129.6 on the scale.


Although I was extremely elated to see those numbers, the fact that I’d lost 11 inches as well didn’t really sink in until I started trying on non-frumpy clothes. I haven’t done much clothes shopping in the last several years. I’ve spent a lot of time in sweats and workout clothes.  I told Hubby he was NOT allowed to take me shopping until I’d hit 125 and he’s stuck to that. I’ve been squeezing my fat into my size 5 jeans, shorts and capris or into clothes my older daughters didn’t want- or were too big for them. I’m so, so glad to get rid of 6 pair of fat pants and shorts!!!

Yesterday, Hubby asked if I wanted to run errands with him. Standing in my closet trying to figure out what to wear used to end with me in tears. I eyed my old size 5 jeans and wondered…..all the other times I’ve tried to get them on they wouldn’t even slide over my thighs. But yesterday, they went over my thighs, over my butt and then the real test….I was able to zip AND button them!! There was a little muffin top but they looked good!! No more saggy too big jeans!! Those are off to Goodwill!

So this is what meeting your goal looks like. This is what success looks like. This is what pure happiness looks like.



And I’m not finished yet!!


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