After the storm

With small drops continuing to fall from the sky, she emerged. The struggle to watch her attempt to open the umbrella was comical. Finding the button, she pressed it, signaling the time for play.



We all go through dark times in our lives. I’ve had so many rough patches during my last 5-6 years of trying to get fit, I’ve lost count.  After every rough patch, I pick up the fallen doubts, brush away the puddles of failure and embrace the sunshine of a new beginning.

Every day is new. I have a handwritten sign next to my bathroom door that reads, “Today is a new day, make it count.”  If you had a bad day yesterday, don’t let it affect today. Shake it off.  Let it go. Yesterday’s pizza, ice cream and Coke can be worked off today by walking, lifting and getting your groove on. Just get up and do it.


If you keep starting over, it means you’re never giving up.


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