real fit MOM

If you haven’t read any of my other posts you may not realize that the title of my blog means that I am a real mom trying to get fit. I am not an already got a 6 pack abs, blazing guns, tight ass and no thigh gap fit mom.

I’m a mom. My goal is to be fit. What you read is real.

I realized tonight that I’ve only ever talked about the fitness part. I’ve neglected the mom part of this journey. Afterall, it was my children who were the contributers of my extra weight. When I got married at 19 I weighed a whopping 103 lbs.


My dad’s favorite picture.

Five babies, a car accident, 22 years and 50 lbs later…..but this is about my kids. I’m going to brush over baby #2, Jacob, who had Trisomy 18 and passed away after 6 hours. It’s ok. 🙂

Meet my lovies-


These are my middles. They are the imaginative ones, the big hearted ones, the passionate, goofy ones. They keep us entertained with their variety of creativity and ability to talk in multiple accents. They are introverts and content with their technology.


My Littles. They keep me young. I had both of them after I was 30 despite my goal of wanting to be finished with having kids by the time I was 30. My poor son is the only boy with two older sisters and a baby sister. He’s named after his dad and is a spitting image of him. My baby is a dancer. She has a passion that is refreshing, mature and emotional. I cry every time I watch her dance. She’s extremely serious as a dancer but has a goofy side like her siblings.


My eldest. Who wants to hang out with their mom on their 21st birthday as they drink around the world at Epcot with their bff? My kid. Obviously she didn’t get her height from me. She was an absolutely horrific birth and I question my sanity for continuing to have four more babies after her. As she posted on my Facebook on Mother’s Day, we grew up together. She, like the baby, are our princesses. They are outgoing, social butterflies, energetic and love attention. They are our extroverts who enjoy being around lots of people.


Yeah, they make me proud.


My Girls. They couldn’t be more different. They fought so much growing up but have become much closer since #1 went to college. These were our test kids. Ha! You know, the trial ones where you screw up all the time trying to figure out this parenting stuff. God I’m proud of them. I couldn’t ask for a better set of kids to go through puberty, middle school, high school and adulthood. They made parenting easy.

My baby


My son


My teen daughter


My college daughter


And me


My amazing, smart, beautiful, crazy, hysterical, creative, warm, loving children.


They keep me real. They inspire me to be fit. They made me a mom.

**Yes they have a dad. Yes, he’s the father to all 4 despite the age gap (21,18,11,8). He doesn’t do social media so out of respect for him no photos of him are posted. I love that man with all of my being even though he can infuriate me to no end. He’s a great husband most of the time (I’m definitely not the perfect wife) and a sarcastic, funny, tempermental, caring, proud daddy.


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