Accountability partners

I’m reminded of the movie Toy Story when thinking of accountability partners. Remember when they were moving and Woody was making sure everyone had a moving buddy? He said, “If you don’t have one, get one!”

The same goes for accountability partners. If you don’t have one, get one…or two, or three or a group. They can make or break your journey to reach your goals.


I’ve had my share during my continued journey to get fit and healthy. My one constant is my Kadoo. She’s been with me from the beginning and she tries hard. I make it incredibly difficult for her by repeatedly falling off the wagon. Each time I pick myself up, she’s there ready to cheer me on. I thank God every day for her.

Go read my last post and you’ll see who my mini partners are. 🙂

In that same post,  I wrote about losing my motivation. This morning I was finally dragging myself out of bed and was making my way to my drawer of workout clothes when my phone buzzed. It was my friend who is also working towards a fitness show. She said she hadn’t seen me post about working out lately. I told her I’d lost my motivation and she told me to get it back!!

I think it fizzled away when I realized I wasn’t going to make the WBFF goal I’d set. But, like she said, that’s no reason to give up.

I’ll be 42 in about three weeks. I can make a difference in three weeks. I’m going to see Garth Brooks thanks to my amazing 21 year old then headed to my parents for lunch and swimming the day after. I want to earn a new pair of jeans. I want my kids to not be embarrassed by mom wearing a bikini- because I refuse to wear a tankini or one piece. I want to feel good about myself and show people that just because you grow older, doesn’t mean you let yourself go. I want to show myself I can do this.

I want to love myself.


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