RealFitMomism #1

I’m not the only “real fit mom” on the internet. But, I’m probably the only REAL fit mom, meaning I’m 100% real about trying to become fit. I chose RFM because I was a real mom trying to become fit- 5 years later, I’m still trying. Knowing there are so many other real fit moms out there now, I wish I’d chosen a different name. But, it is what it is.

You’ve always seen the real me- usually minus my head because I hate having my picture taken lol. Yup, I quit p90x. I bought P90x3 and did it 4 times in 2 weeks. Don’t worry, I’m picking it up again since I actually paid for it.

You may start seeing RealFitMomism posts.  Why? Because of this:


A friend of mine has a fitness support group that I love. What I don’t love are some of the comments from people when she has a shitty day, or eats a cake or wants to give up. Bitch, let her whine!!  I posted one of my blog posts on a fitness page and it was removed because “it wasn’t positive.”  I think it was about not wanting to exercise and you can’t make me! It was a real post. Heaven forbid someone cracks for a moment. Hell, how many times have I?  But I’m still here. I haven’t given up and I won’t. That’s why I blog- it’s mine and I can whine on it if I want to!

So here’s my first RealFitMomism:


Yup, I ate McDonald’s yesterday. It was the first time in over 2 months (except for the free sausage egg and cheese bagel with a Carmel Mocha iced coffee I got free on Mother’s day). I know McDonald’s is bad for me. I know it’s not real food. But I like it. I was nomming on it when I went to pick up my daughter from school. Not only did she yell at me when she got in the car but her friend called me a cheater several times when she saw what was in my hand until I called her mom asking where the hell she was at because her kid was yelling at me for eating McDonald’s. It’s funny how my biggest supporters are an 8 and 11 year old. My daughter will actually smack food out of my hand while my son brings me an ice cream drum stick.


Last thought- I lost my motivation recently. I’d made it down to 134.1. Then my daughter had a dance convention and I had a mind block on what to bring to eat (it was at a hotel airport where food is beyond ridiculously expensive). I grabbed a bunch of Lunchables for her and ham with rolls for me. When I got home I was back up to 139. I went back down then back up and wanted to quit.

I had just finished a weight loss challenge with tbmg and as always, swore I wasn’t doing another one. Then, like always, a mom sent me a message asking me when the next one started. Poop. That’s all it takes for me. Just one mom. I picked a date then graciously thanked her for asking because I’d lost my motivation. I’d allowed Slacker Fattie to creep back in. But my birthday is in 3 weeks and I plan on Fit Bitch being a beast….after I eat this Chex Mix for breakfast.  What?? My blender is dirty…


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