Day 3/Day 128 P90x wbff

Whew! Day 3. I did much better with food and stuck even closer to my meal plan than yesterday.  I was proud of myself for not eating waffles for dinner and enjoyed my fish taco instead.



So I skipped Plyometrics yesterday so I tried it today.  I made it halfway through!

I got busted with a McDonald’s iced Carmel Mocha with no fat milk. Gina told me I was better off eating a burger- but a burger doesn’t have caffine! It sucks because I’ve gone 41 years hating coffee and just recently fell in love with it. But, I’m in a severe time crunch. If I want to do the WBFF, I need to stop screwing around. It’s time to start digging the hole for Slacker Fattie.

I didn’t want to do it but after my yummy banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein shake, I sucked it up and made it halfway through Day 3- shoulders. I went with the smallest weights I have and did better than I thought I would. Next week I’ll get through the whole thing.

In one of the fitness Facebook groups I’m in, we are doing a photo a day. Today’s theme was Reflection. This was my picture


The girls loved it! I think this is going to be a fun project.


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