Keeper of the evils

A few weeks I got a little obsessive about measuring. Normally I measure once a month, but with my new goals and determination,  along with the consistency of working out daily, I was measuring once a week. Then every couple of days. Then daily.


I was getting frustrated that I wasn’t losing anything! Fortunately I came to my senses and realized I was becoming a crazy lady.  I took the measuring tape to my husband and said, “Here. Don’t give this back to me until February 5th.” He gave me an odd look, took it and agreed. He’s used to my weirdness.

About a week later I was back at his office door. This time I handed him my scale.


I continued eating better, exercising more (though not as much as I should have) and after the first week of February passed by I was knocking on his door again requesting my evils. He handed me the scale but said he didn’t have the tape- I only gave him the scale.

Yes, my l Iove, I did give it to you. He said he’d have to look around for it. Fortunately for him, I have an extra one that I’d forgotten about. Muahaha!

I grudgingly used both and was surprised to see a loss of 3.6 lbs and 9 inches. Not as much as I could have done, but every inch and pound lost counts. I’ve avoided measuring but have to admit to sliding back on the scale every morning.  I’m really close to seeing the 130’s and am super excited but know that it’s time to give the scale and tape back to the Keeper of the Evils and let it go until March 5th.

Lesson- Don’t get hung up on the numbers. If you are eating healthy, lifting and doing cardio, the weight will come off. Keep going!


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