Ringing in the New Year- goals

I am finally ready this time. I don’t know why I haven’t been ready over the last nine years. I always thought I was motivated enough, driven enough and dedicated enough. Obviously I wasn’t.

I want to feel sexy again. I want to feel good about myself. I want to go SHOPPING!  I don’t want to fail. I’m tired of failing. I’m tired of not fitting int- STOP!  Ugh. I’m yelling at myself in a blog post. Here’s to going batshit crazy! 
Ok. Positivity. Optimism. Drive. Motivation. Will. Determination.

Goals. I’d like to be back down to 115 or 118. However, I’m weight lifting so I’m going more on measurements than numbers on a scale. I want to will feel healthy on the inside. I want to will fit back into size 5 jeans. I want to will rock out a bikini this summer.

But one of my biggest goals is to be able to wear my wedding rings again.


I haven’t been able to wear them, comfortably,  since about a month after being rear ended in September of 2013. I gained almost 20 lbs in six months- most of that in the first three.

I’m also anxious to finally plan a renewal ceremony for Hubby and I. He bought me a gorgeous 1947 wedding dress when we were in St. Augustine ten years ago. When I lose 15 more lbs, I can start planning! 

I’m eating so much healthier and resisting the urge to cheat even though Hubby and my 17 year old made these last night-


That’s how I know I’m ready. I’m still not waking up excited to workout but it’s only Day 9. I remind myself that it’s only 20 minutes.

Fit Bitch has new workout pants and wants to WILL defeat Slacker Fattie once and for all!


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