Sometimes the scale is awesome

Yesterday I was all excited to step on the scale and see that I’d officially lost 10 pounds.

It was such a good feeling!! I’d recently started drinking kale smoothies with flavored weight loss oatmeal, fat free strawberry yogurt with almond milk (until yesterday when I ran out of milk and just used water). I know that they could be healthier but it beats whole milk and Coco Puffs.
What’s even better? I got up this morning, hopped on the scale just for fun and saw numbers I hadn’t seen in a year.

That right there is some serious motivation for me. I finally have a handle on my food situation so now I’m going to work on squeezing in some workouts. It’s going to be a great end to a really crappy year!!!

Slacker Fattie is losing and Fit Bitch is taking over!!!


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