How to weigh yourself the day after Thanksgiving…and the next day

I’ve consistently stayed under 145 lbs for about 3 weeks and under 150 lbs for about a month and a half. This is big for me since tipping over the 150 mark a few months after being rear ended last year. I’m eating less, trying to eat better, getting up and moving more with trying to keep the house clean and dealing with remodeling and redecorating. I’m trying to get back into exercise mode.

Then Thanksgiving hit.

I was good and didn’t eat any of the chocolate chocolate chip muffins that I made and only licked the bowl a little (there are no calories in the stuff stuck on the sides of the bowl- just an FYI). I ate oatmeal for breakfast, had carrots and hummus as a snack, might have nibbled on my daughter’s appetizer leftovers from BJ’s and walked a half a mile before sitting down to eat our scrumptious meal. I had a few small pieces of turkey, a little green bean casserole, a roll (Hubby bought the extra yummy kind- couldn’t pass that up) and mashed potatoes (with butter, sour cream and cream cheese mixed in). I skipped the stuffing (on the first round).

Then, the drama happened that I talked about in my last post so I went on a 5 mile walk. I think this is where my downfall began. Hubby fixed me eggnog and Fireball (do NOT read the nutrition label on eggnog!!). Then I had small servings of pumpkin pie, banana pudding and apple Kuchen.


Later that night, Hubby brought me a 32 oz Screwdriver with pineapple juice while I was relaxing in the tub.

I weighed myself the next morning. As I was about to text my accountability partner who ate this


she sent me a text saying how she only gained ONE pound!! I sent back “I gained three.” I was back up to 146.8. I woke up this morning and weighed myself again (not one of my smarter decisions). The numbers 148.6 were blazing up at me.

Then I realized I was doing it wrong. THIS is how you should weigh yourself the day after Thanksgiving…and the next several days after


Now you know how to do it when Christmas comes!!


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