Kid’s tantrum leads to T-Day Kick Off

This Thanksgiving was difficult. The holidays are always hard for me due to my second pregnancy. But this year we were going through our first Thanksgiving without my mother-in-law and had just buried one of my husband’s best friends.
When dinner is held at our house, Hubby cooks. And he ALWAYS gets mad at me at least once. Always.

This year we woke up before the kids and started cooking (I was allowed to bake muffins and peel the taters). Throughout the day, he prepped while I went behind him washing dishes (our dishwasher started leaking 5 years ago…). We managed to move around our narrow kitchen without running into each other and without any arguments. Yay!

The kids awoke, one by one and after a few hours the Littles were driving me crazy on their iPads. So the teen and I walked down to the Shell station to get a newspaper so the Littles could circle toys to their heart’s content. It felt good to get outside and spend some time with the teen. And walk.


Dinner was delicious. We had a great time sharing it with a family friend, but, more dishes were to be done. The teen did a lot, a LOT, of silverware and a handful of dishes. There weren’t a lot left to do. The Oldest had already done a load and was up next. An argument over dishes began. I finally yelled that I’d do them even though I’d already done several loads including the china that we’d used for the first time (it’s over 50 years old).


Irritated, frustrated, emotionally spent, I pulled on my Asics, grabbed headphones and headed out the door, only saying to the teen to please let me in later. So many emotions ran through my head as I walked. About 40 minutes in Hubby calls- asking where the cake pans were. He knew I was upset but didn’t push for me to talk about it. He said he’d see me in a few minutes but instead of heading home, I kept walking- until my outer hips started aching (hate this getting old bullshit).

I walked over 5 miles in just over an hour and blasted through some of my favorite songs.


I walked in the door, headed for the shower and when I got out, was handed eggnog and Fireball and a plate of desserts- which undid the workout but were absolutely delicious.



I woke up this morning feeling better and ready to get back to exercising. Sometimes we aren’t aware that we need a little push to get going and sometimes it comes from someone or something or somewhere unexpected. The important thing is that we see it, pay attention to it and get off our asses before we get pushed over. Today I put $2 in my workout jar and sat down to make a list of goals.

Then I stepped on the scale….


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