Keep smiling…even through death

I found this little guy on one of my walks. Dead in the middle of the sidewalk. I stopped to marvel at the intricacy of his tiny head and wings. We are often annoyed by wasps and don’t think much about their purpose in life. Seeing this one I hoped that it brought some beauty and positive purpose during it’s short life. Yes, I do too much thinking during my walks!

Yesterday I delivered news to my bio dad that his friend Cathy had passed away. She was a mutual friend of my biological parents and had been battling cancer for a while.

Louis told me that if there was ever a strong example of the will to live Cathy was it. She was part of the reunion committee and wanted to have one last hurrah. She did. She also wanted to have a birthday party with her mom before she died. She did. Then she was alright with letting go. She did. She hung on until she could make a few last memories with her loved one. She is an inspiration.

Funerals are often sad occasions where people are to mourn and cry. But, if you stick around long enough, the tears are dried and replaced with laughter from ‘remember when’ stories. This is when friends and family members often hear tales of moments most didn’t know about or couldn’t imagine the person doing! This is how most people want things to go after their death. How many of us wish for our friends and family to cry for days?

I know I want people to laugh, share and make new memories when it’s my time to go. 🙂 Even when we are sad to have lost someone close to us it’s ok to keep smiling and not forget how precious life is.


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