Patience is (not) a virtue (of mine)


My biggest issue with working out, trying to lose weight and getting healthy is patience.  I worked out and ate healthy today…why am I still fat?!?!?!  It’s been a WHOLE week of working out every day, cutting calories and eating good for me foods….why am I still fat?!?!?!

I know, I know.  It took more than a day, week, month to put the weight on and it’s going to take even longer to work it off.  I’m an instant gratification kinda girl.  I want to see results quickly.  This is why I continue to fail each time I start over, which WordPress likes to remind me has been four years now.  The longest I’ve lasted with Brazilian Butt Lift is almost a month.  I lasted twenty-four days with Bikini Body Mommy but there were times I doubled and tripled up trying to play catch up. 

I make all kinds of excuses, most of which should be thrown back at me like a boomerang.  The whole time I was on crutches after tearing ligaments in my knee I whined about wanting to be able to work out.  What did I do once I healed?  Went to the gym maybe five times…in three months.  It was during that time that I made the biggest goal for myself in my five long years of trying to get fit (year one’s documentation is somewhere on Blogger).  I was going to train to be a fitness model!!!!!  I sent out texts to about five of my friends asking if they thought I could do it (I was mainly concerned about whether or not I was pretty enough, yes, my favorite Smurf was Vanity but not because I loved looking at myself but wishing I liked who was in the mirror).  I was all gung ho about this new adventure.  I started going back to the gym, started my long walks (not on the beach ), was totally pumped u————BAM!!!!!!!!!  While taking my kids to school one morning, 0.8 miles from home, I was rear ended.  Thank God my kids were fine but I was left with a neck injury that will affect me for the rest of my life.  The whole first month I went to therapy three times a week and laid in bed, on my side, all day.  It was horrible.  I couldn’t cook so Hubby got us a LOT of take out.  I grew extremely depressed (thank God for a blogging convention in Tampa which brought my BFF to me to drive me out of my funk).  I gained about twenty pounds in three months.  All that time over the last four years I could have been working out and had the body I wanted I sat on my lazy ass shoveling crap into my mouth.

The accident was at the beginning of September, almost a year ago.  By January I’d had enough.  None of my clothes fit, I was at my heaviest weight and I wanted it OFF!!!!!  I started Bikini Body Mommy 1.0.  I tried.  I really did.  But I needed to wait a little while longer for my neck to heal.  It sucked big time because I AM NOT PATIENT!!!  I started trying my five mile walk again but that was painful, too.  Then Bikini Body Mommy 2.0 started and I hopped up determined to finish it this time.  The more I exercised the better I felt on the inside but the outside was still fat.  Then came another excuse- we had a severe illness in the family followed by a death.  Worthless excuse.  I should have done the opposite and gotten out there for twenty minutes a day living my life.  Shopping for a funeral dress was depressing because I was far from the size five I’ve been for most of my life.  Thank goodness for stretchy material.

So here I am, four months away from starting year number six of trying to lose weight and be healthy.  This is why my blog is called ‘Real Fit Mom.’  Not because I’m a totally fit mom, but because of my struggles to become one.  I’m working on two projects at the moment.  One will be revealed in a couple of weeks and the other in twenty-two days.  Be patient.  😉  I’m trying very hard to be. 

For all of you out there trying to get fit and healthy, my best advice to you is to be patient.  It’s only failing if we give up.  We will have really crappy days but we need to stop using them as an excuse to take a day off and shove a cupcake in our mouths.  It takes roughly a month to change a behavior.  I no longer miss soda, sweets and even pizza is slowly sliding to the wayside.  With each day that I do a workout I feel better, prideful, happy.  And still freaking utterly impatient but I know I need to give it time.  Stay off the scale, hide your tape measure, wear sweatpants for a month.  If you’ve worked out consistently for that month and eaten (moderately) healthy you should see a difference with the tape measure and when putting your non-sweatpant clothes on (the scale is still evil, tell it to suck it).  We can do this!!!!

PS Don’t forget to take your ‘before’ pictures…even though you’ve taken them 346 times and still haven’t taken ‘after’ pics.  We WILL be taking ‘after’ pics in twenty-two days! 


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