Keep smiling even when… things get slippery

A couple of months ago I was on my six mile walk and I slid on a patch of algae on the side of the road. I went down hard. I was only on the first couple of miles and even though my chin and knee were scratched, my self esteem low (a guy in a pick up saw me fall) and my thumb possiblely broken, I kept on going.


Yes, I wanted to cry. Yes, I wanted to call Hubby to have him come pick me up. But I wanted to finish what I’d started more. After another mile things got worse. It started to rain. Right after I fell I sent my best friend the pictures. As the rain became harder I took two steps towards home- then my phone dinged with a text message. She saw the pictures, saw that I’d kept going and replied, “Good girl!”

I turned around immediately and finished the six miles. When I got home my knee was throbbing, my chin was bleeding and my thumb was a few different shades of purple. Not to mention I was soaked.

Things in life get slippery. We can choose to lay in a heap and cry or we can get up and keep moving. The choice is ours to make. We are in control of our happy times and our dark times.

Which one would you choose?


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