My own walking challenge

Obviously I suck at challenges and each of the ones I try have been bothering my neck. I decided to create my own challenge.

Walking is the one thing I can do that doesn’t bother my neck. My injured knee is completely healed and able to take on the 4.1 miles around my neighborhood. Even my bad hip has been hanging in there for my last two walks. Yay!!


Tomorrow I’m going to find another .9 miles since for the last 7 years I’ve thought I was walking 5 miles. Whoopsie!!

During the week I will be walking at least 5 miles and will share some of the pictures I put in my “5 Mile Walk ” album on Facebook. I’ll also be sharing my before pictures, what I eat and my measurements. Whatever I do will get shared with you. I’m going to take this one week at a time since long term goals and challenges do not work for me. My long term goal is to see if I can lose weight by simply walking and eating healthy (well, somewhat healthy) in one month. Then I’ll try for two months.

This morning I had Fruit Loops and whole milk for breakfast. I know, I know. Don’t judge. It was early release day and I walked through lunch time and forgot to eat when I got home.  Sooooo while running the kids and around everywhere I ate some Cheetoes. Then I made fried chicken for dinner. Fyi, people raised by Yankee parents should not fry chicken. I did not eat the skin, though!!  I had a small serving of green beans, too.

Ok, off for another walk before it gets dark!!


3 thoughts on “My own walking challenge

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