Neck issues popping up

I’m horrible at keeping track of things so I figured putting them on here would help me out if I need the information later. If anyone else out there is going through this maybe it will help them or someone can offer me advice.

Some of you know I was rear ended in September. It put all of my new fitness goals on hold. In January I was determined to get back up and get fit- neck or no neck. I started Bikini Body Mommy challenge and modified any exercises I needed to. I lasted a month. My neck was hurting so I took a day off which led to 45.

I was patiently waiting for a doctor appointment I made in January which I finally had yesterday with a neurologist. After a thorough exam she suggested surgery. Hubby is out of town so we haven’t had time to discuss it.

On Friday, things flared up. I don’t remember doing anything stressful or out of the ordinary. I’ve had a harder time sleeping lately though. The pain was a little worse Sunday and was more intense Monday- when we had really bad storms come through. I’d forgotten how bad it gets when the barometric pressure drops.

The doctor asked if I was still having headaches and I told her it had been a couple of months. Until today. I’d just dropped my youngest at dance and on the way home BAM! It hit the right side of my head just as I was turning. The intense pain lasted about a minute. I went into cvs and something just felt weird in my head. I still felt like something was off when I got back in the car and even took a moment before driving home.

At dance I was back to being extra careful, didn’t raise my arms much and skipped out on planks and sit ups.

I just can’t comprehend how what seemed like a small bump has caused this much pain and damage. It’s affected so many areas of my life. I know it could have been worse. I’m glad it wasn’t. But it’s still debilitating and frustrating.


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