Pain in the neck

Literally. I was doing so good and was so proud of myself. Then my neck injury started acting up so I took a day off. Which turned into two days. Which turned into a week. Then two weeks. Then a month.

I was so excited, and determined, to get back into the swing of things and finish the Bikini Body Mommy challenge. On Sunday I really wanted to get back to cleaning so went to work for a few hours. I didn’t so anything heavy but woke up Monday morning with a sore neck, and a weird feeling in my right arm.

Every time I met with a doctor after my accident they’d always ask it I had numbness or tingling. I always answered no. But for some reason now I do! My right arm feels really heavy, like nerves are pinched and I’ve started having sharp pains in my wrist and fingers.

Tonight, Hubby said to try the Tensi machine so I did. It felt good while it was on but as soon as I turned it off the pain restarted.


It shocks the muscle and feels great- unless you turn it the wrong way when you’re turning it off…

I called to see if I could move my neurologist appointment up but they’re still super booked. So I’m having to continue to put my working out on hold until at least March 17th. On the plus side, I stopped eating so much so am losing some weight!!


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