Whoops, took time off…

Yesterday I found my workout clothes in a heap on the floor. They’d been there for a week- not moving since I wore them last Tuesday.


I didn’t consciously take a week off, it just sort of happened. Doing the weight lifting segment from Bikini Body Mommy put a little stress on my neck so I rested a day. Thursday my neck was feeling better but my stomach- not so much. Saturday I was in bed all day except to run to the bathroom. I didn’t move for eight straight hours at one point. Sunday I was feeling 50% better and by Monday I was almost 100%. By Tuesday it had been a week since I’d worked out.

Normally this is where I quit a challenge. Not this time! I’m going to be doubling up this week to catch up from last week. A friend of mine just got a house with a pool which is more motivation for Fit Bitch to ditch Slacker Fattie!

It’s ok to take a break from working out as long as you pick it back up as soon as you can!


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