Goals- everyone should have them!

Everyone should have a list of goals when they start their fitness challenges. Make a list or what we call a Dream Board in Pure Romance. Cut out pictures to make a collage and put it where you’ll see it every day.

The day after I was called fat the Victoria Secret’s swimsuit catalog arrived. Not what I wanted to see at all. Instead of throwing it in the garbage like I wanted to, I made a list of my goals then cut out two pictures of the girls in their cutesy, itty bitty bikinis. A few days later I cut out more so the back of my bedroom door is covered in bikini-clad models. I’m sure my husband is loving it!! Since I still haven’t moved my office back into my office I see the pictures and my list of goals all day…every day. Even when I don’t wanna get up and workout I look up and see their fit, trim little bodies and make myself get up.


I’m going to add a picture of South Beach because that’s where I’d like to go this summer when I’m finally, finally, FINALLY a Real Fit Mom. I’m very excited to reach my goal by June 1st.

What are your fitness goals? Do you have them written down and posted where you’ll see them every day?


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