Bikini Body Mommy Days 22 & 23

Yup, got behind again.  BUT!!!  I’m still in it!  For any of you who have been following me for a while you are used to seeing me quit on week two or three.  One more week and I’ll have made it a whole month.  Yay!  I’m really going to be working hard this week since I’ll be doing a taping for Daytime TV here in Tampa on February 6th through.  I was chosen via a post on the website Tampa Bay Moms Group that my friend Steffany and I started.  They’re doing a segment on how important “me time” is for mommy’s as well as easy hair styles.  My hair is getting quite popular!  I recently did a Celebrity hair style make over.  I chose one of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s styles and had so much fun getting to go to J. Joseph’s Salon in Land O’Lakes and being treated like a celebrity.  When the clip airs I’ll be sure to add a link so you all can see how it went.

Ok, onto the workouts.  In the video, Briana says we only have to do one round….but she had a blond moment (her words, not mine) and it’s supposed to be three sets.  Have fun!!

Here’s the video for today.  It’s 45 minute cardio day or HIIT day which you’ll find below this video.  Because I’m having to make up yesterday’s workout I will be going on a walk for my cardio.

HIIT workout

So are any of you out there doing this challenge with me?  How is it going?  It’s never too late to start!  Go back and find Day 1 and get going!  Bikini season will be here before we know it and we all want to be ready.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Fit Bitch in a bikini.  Slacker Fattie will be hanging out in a moomoo.


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