Bikini Body Mommy Days 17 & 18

Eventually I’ll stop skipping days….maybe.  So Day 16 was my super duper walked five miles day and I took yesterday off recovering.  It’s incredibly cold here in Florida, like 38 degrees this morning, cold!  My dancer’s arthritic knees are not happy with me at all.  Despite their protesting I just completed Day 17 which is a repeat of Day 15 which we’ll repeat one more time this week so I’ll update all my numbers at the same time.  Whew!

I couldn’t figure out what was off with the first exercise then I realized the way her video was edited the timer was thrown off.  I guess this is why she tells us to get our own interval timer app.

My numbers went up on most but down on a couple.  I think that’s because 1. I can’t count 2. I was relying on her timer and 3. I can’t count.

I’m hoping it’s warmer here the third time we do this exercise.  Even though it’s 78 degrees in my house my knees are acting like it’s 78 below!

Day 18 is forty-five minute cardio day.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to complete five miles but I am going to at least attempt forty-five minutes.  If I don’t post tomorrow you’ll know that this Florida girl froze into a popsicle!


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