EEEK! Bikini Body Mommy Days 12, 13 and 14

Yikes!  I didn’t realize I’d gotten that far behind!  Apparently I can’t rely on emails to keep me up to date.  I need to take responsibility and go to Bikini Body Mommy Facebook page every day to stay caught up.  On Friday my stomach was not liking me at all and I couldn’t imagine trying to workout.  Saturday I had training for work from 8-1 but I have no excuse for not working out when I came home.  Slacker Fattie took over, I suppose.  But Fit Bitch is back and ready to kick booty!  I also have no excuse for yesterday which apparently was a rest day so at least I got that one “done”!

I just did Day 12 which is the Fit Test from the first day.  I’m so excited about my numbers after just two weeks!  Fit Bitch kicked Slacker Fattie’s butt!

Exercise                 Day 1                  Day 12

squats                         28                         40

high knees                86                         120

push up                      17                          25

squat jumps              23                          30

tricep dips                 14                           25

burpees                      10                           16

alternating lunges  18                           21

elbow plank               60 sec                  55 sec

Because of my neck I had to modify push ups which on Day 1 I did against my dining room table and today I did against my recliner which is lower (I’ll do it against my table from now on).  Squat jumps I modified by not jumping, burpees I modified by stepping in and out and elbow plank I modified by doing it on my knees.

Later today I’ll do Day 13 which is a Cardio Day so you can choose to do 45 minutes of cardio or you can go back to Day 3 and do the HIIT workout.  I’ll be doing the HIIT workout because I don’t want to workout for 45 minutes AND it’s supposed to be more intense than what most people would do like walk, run, jog, etc.  I’m anxious to lose more inches and weight so I’m choosing the more intense route.  You need to choose what’s best for you.

Day 14 is Rest Day which, technically, was yesterday.  Here is your Sunday Skinny Episode 11

Now I’m caught up!  That wasn’t as bad as I expected….well, sort of caught up.  Technically today is Day 15 but since it’s still Day 15 I’m not behind….yet.  I’m not sure if it’s because I have my fat shorts on or not but I feel like I’ve lost some fat, at least around my muffin top.  But, I usually feel like that until I squeeze my size 9 muffin into my size 5 jeans.  Right now I love my fat shorts- I have two pair.  But I think I’m going to burn them in another month or so.  I don’t want to ever fit in them again!!






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