Bikini Body Mommy Days 10 & 11

I’m caught up!  I’m caught up!

I’m so caught up that I have TWO Day 11’s on my chart.  That’s what happens when you take a day off….

I did Day 10 last night while listening to a webinar which, in my opinion, was great use of my time, however, because I was listening to the webinar and taking notes I have absolutely noooo idea how many exercises I did in the allotted time.

Great workout!  Day 10

Day 11 we find out how real Briana is.  She’s so sore that she chooses to go on a 45 minute walk and gives the choice of doing our own 45 minute cardio or reverting back to Day 3’s HIIT workout (I chose Day 3- because I missed Day 3 the first time).

Day 11

And last but not least, your 20 minute HIIT session unless you choose the longer 45 minute cardio of your choice route.

Day 3

I had to modify the mountain climbers the second round.  I did them with my hands on the table.  I also modified the jumping jacks to P90x Wacky Jacks.  I’ve had five vaginal births so jumping jacks send me running to the bathroom!!  The Wacky Jacks are much easier on my pelvis.



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