Let’s get NAKED!!!!!!

WOW!  I just scrolled back through old posts and realized I started this blog back in 2010.  Four years later…….I’m still not a real fit mom….

I’ve gotten close a couple of times but so far have yet to reach the goals I’ve started for myself.  It was in January of 2009 that I consciously started working out when I entered two weight loss challenges.  I came in third for the first one and won the second one (the first one was set up wrong- it was whoever lost the most weight and all of the contestants except me weighed over 200 lbs- but I got a free t-shirt and a free gym membership).

As I said in my last post, my goals weren’t for me.  They were because of a challenge I wanted to win or because I wanted to look good for my husband.  My goals for this year are strictly for me.




Ok, so let’s get naked!  No, we’re not having an orgy.  When no one is around (which is how I prefer to do this), strip of that shirt, pull those pants off, whip off that Dolly Parten bra if you’re a woman (or a man, no judgement here) and yank off those granny panties!  On second thought, put the granny panties back on- no need to look that closely at yourself.

Find a mirror.  Look.  Look closely.  What do you see?  Do you see yourself in the mirror?  Or an image of what you used to be?  How does that image make you feel?  Do you like what you see?

When I did this I didn’t see the real me nor did I like what I saw.  Some people may disagree with this exercise but it helps me motivate myself.  Clothes hide a LOT which I’ll demonstrate when I take my before pictures later.

Now that we’ve stripped down, literally, we need to make a plan.  Oh, you can put your clothes back on now.  What are your goals?  Do you have a favorite pair of jeans you want to fit back into?  Do you have a number on the dreaded scale you’d like to achieve?  Do you just want to tone up?

Whatever your goals are, write them down.  Put them where you are going to see them every day.  LOOK at them every day.  You can add to them, too.

What are your plans for achieving those goals?  Are you going to cut out soda?  Cut out fast food?  Eat clean?  Workout three times a week?  Four times?  Lift heavier weights?  Go on walks or bike rides with your kids?

Write your plans down, too, and put them next to your goals.

The last step is the most important step.  GET OFF YOUR ASS!!!!!!  Your plans WILL work if you take the steps to do them.  Your goals WILL be achieved IF you work for them.  You CAN do this!!!  I CAN do this.  We CAN do this and we’ll do it together!


3 thoughts on “Let’s get NAKED!!!!!!

  1. Really LOOKING at yourself is such a wonderful idea and proves to give great inspiration (to me at least). And you are so right when you say clothes can hide a lot, I am a master at covering myself and making myself look a good 10-pounds thinner than I actually am, haha.

  2. Reblogged this on Madeline Leigh Fitness and commented:
    This woman makes some awesome points in her post. Short, simple, and to the point. A little shock factor maybe, but nothing too extreme.

    Really look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see? No? Do SOMETHING about it. And continue to do something about it until you like what you see.

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