Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

My fabulous friend Kristi sent me the link to the Bikini Body Mommy challenge a couple of days ago.  Today I finally pulled it up on my computer to check it out.

YES!!  YES!!  YES!!

I’ve always wanted to see this type of video series- one where it follows the person from flab to fit.  Thank you Brianna!  I’m really looking forward to doing a new workout each day and seeing how her body transforms as well as my own.

Today I did the fit test and did about the same as Brianna.  Because of my accident I still have to be really careful with my neck but I was proud of my numbers.  I haven’t worked out at all and pretty much laid in bed for much of the last four months so I have a lot of work to do.

Here is her Getting Started video  where she explains what you’re going to be doing, what equipment you’ll need, where to measure and when to weigh/take pictures.

I have my accountability partner, I did my measurements, did the fitness test and am doing my pictures tonight…hopefully.  I just went to Brianna’s Bikini Body Mommy Facebook page and realized that I’m a day behind!  I’ll squeeze the workout in after dinner and before dance so I’m on schedule.  If you want to join don’t worry about catching up.  Start on Day 1 and just keep going!


4 thoughts on “Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

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  2. I’m on day 3 of the challenge and am soooooo sore! I am going to power through but if it weren’t for friends doing the challenge with me, I’d have given up! Women unite!

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