Here’s to 2014!

Today is January 3, 2014. I’m sitting in my kitchen eating the same thing I had the last two mornings. I think I need to switch things up tomorrow. It’s a sausage, egg and veggie creation that I’ll post later today.

Last week, I realized I was finally feeling healed enough from my accident to start working out. The only thing that still hurts is my neck when I look down. I completed all of my therapy sessions in the beginning of December and am not sure where to go from here. I knew that on January 1st I wanted to start eating healthy and get back to the gym. So I ate lots of delicious foods during the holidays all the way up to New Year’s Eve.  Gotta go out with a bang, right?

January 1st I woke up, made much healthier breakfast than the one I’d been eating


and set about purging my house- another big goal for myself. I was planning on going back to the gym when the kids went back to school on the 6th.

Something happened last night which made me get started sooner. I was forced to take a good, hard look at myself. I finally got on the scale at Publix and made myself really look at myself in the mirror- naked. I’ve said before that clothes hide a lot and they do. My own kids can’t see it. I know I’ll never be 103 lbs like I was when I got married but I’ve been 115-120 and felt great. Right now I’m 148 which is how much I weighed when I went into labor with my oldest 9 lb 2 oz daughter.

None of my clothes fit. I’ve had a couple of friends tell me to embrace myself, to love myself the way that I am and to buy bigger clothes. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want back fat rolls, extra chins, fat arms, thighs that rub together and a belly that hangs over my pants. That’s not me.

If people can’t support me then I’ll start cutting them out of my life.

In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to be an over 40 fitness model. I realized yesterday that I made that goal for me. All of my other goals were to win a challenge or to look good for my husband. But that goal was all mine. I didn’t get that until I was on a walk last night.

Fitness wise 2013 wasn’t a good year for me. I failed a lot of times in the past but I have a good feeling about 2014. If you think going to fail- stop following my blog. If you tell me I need to love myself- get lost. And if you tell me I look great after I post my before pictures- don’t.  As I’ve said before, I can do this.  And I will.



2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2014!

    • I love the inside of me!! Thank you. You’ve been the one constant in this long journey and I’m so glad to have you by my side. We’re going to be hot mamas on the beach this summer!!

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