Treating ADD holistically


I went to a therapist recently about several issues. After our hour long session she diagnosed me with dysthymia. Unlike the last therapist I saw, Dr. Jill wanted to treat me holistically. After being on and off Adderall the last six years I was immediately excited.

She told me to take a capsule of calcium (the one I forgot to get at Publix) and fish oil, get vitamin B shots (which are pricey so I’m taking the capsules instead), a banana, handful of almonds (FYI don’t buy smoked- blech) and a handful of sunflower seeds (I’m lazy and bought the unshelled ones). The first day I did this new regimen I felt like I’d taken a 10 mg Adderall pill but didn’t have the speed feeling or the heart palpitations. I felt amazing!!! I got the whole kitchen cleaned in a fraction of the time it usually takes me.

I posted this picture on my Facebook and had several friends request more information. I was happy to help them…even if I was the one who shelled out $100 for this fabulous cocktail. 😉

Dr. Jill also prescribed me sunshine so I’ve been laying out in the backyard when our crazy Florida weather has allowed it. The Clinique lady chastised me for not wearing sunscreen on my face so I bought some to make her happy (ok, and because I’ll be 40 this year and need to start taking better care of my skin). The last thing she prescribed was a 30 minute walk every day. This one I’ve struggled with but am working on it!

Not having to dish out a bunch of money on synthetic drugs with side effects like death has been a great feeling. I saw Dr. Jill several weeks ago and got off the regimen for the last few weeks but I stocked up again at Publix today and am ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.


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