No more playing around

Yes, once again I only made it through Day one of Brazil Butt Lift.  Actually, I only made it through the first DVD.

But tomorrow things change.

I was dragged by my hair to join a fitness challenge (ok, not really but if Tiffani could have reached through the phone and grabbed my hair she would have!!!).  Today I posted my before pictures of my in my super cute bikini I’ve never gotten to wear.  They were bad.  You’ll see them at the end of this challenge next to my kick ass AFTER pictures.

I know you all are tired of me trying to complete Brazil Butt Lift but believe me, I’m waaaaay more tired of than you.  I have to play my own music to get through it now.  I’ve said it before, it really is a great program just not if you’ve tried and failed to complete it for 3 years.

For those of you who have followed me for a year or more you’ll remember Tiffani and my workouts at Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa last January.  I wish I could have worked out with her more but 1. it was getting pricey and 2. she moved to a different gym.

The difference this time with BBL is that Tiffani is hounding all of us on Facebook and if we try to hide from her she’ll text us.  She’s also agreed to host a Pure Romance party and she needs to tell me that if I don’t complete BBL she won’t do it.  That’ll motivate me!!!

So here we go again.  Wish me luck…..again!

Who’s betting on Slacker Fattie and who’s betting on Fit Bitch?


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