Yes, I’m at it again.  I did Day 1- yay me!

In typical RFM Brazil Butt Lift fashion I skipped Day 2 because Day 3 is Rest and I always seem to switch them.  That means I have to get off of my lazy, hungover ass and do Day 2 today.  Note to self- do not start drinking early…..or show Hubby your cup is empty.

I’ve come to despise BBL and already have a fellow fitness chick who is dying to get her hands on it.  It’s a REALLY good program!!!!!  I’m just bored with it because I’ve been trying to get through it for 3 years.  I could do the routine without the DVD- in my sleep.

I’m sucking it up (not in) and doing bathing suit pictures today (of course I wait until a day where it’s 54 degrees in Florida) but am not posting them until I finish BBL.  I know, you’re extremely disappointed you don’t get to see my flab hanging out of a super cute bikini.  I’ll warn you before I post them so you can make sure you’re not eating.  I know, I know, they won’t be THAT bad but like I told loseitbig, it’s bad for me.  I used to have a cute little figure that proudly walked down the boardwalk.  Then kids and life happened and I cover up with a moo moo now.  Crap, I can’t blame the kids or life.  It’s my fault.  I just got lazy- and really like to eat.

The last time I was in two weight loss challenges I actually got the weight off.  With the two I’m in now I’m hoping to pass the goal I had before and NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT put the weight back on this time!!!!  NOT.


Slacker Fattie can go to hell.  Currently, she’s sitting her butt on the computer in aforementioned moo moo because it’s comfy.  Fit Bitch is about to shove a spatula under her ass and toss her up outta the chair though.

Time to get real and get fit!!



2 thoughts on “DIE BBL DIE!!!!!

  1. WOW…I just got mentioned. Ok…lets do this invention together. You can do the video in your sleep. Lets figure out how we can actually sweat and burn calories in our sleep so we can spend the waking hours watching tv while drinking Captain Morgan and Diet Coke.

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