Pure Romance- The Bath

Pure Romance commercial time!

We carry ‘relationship enhancement products’ and ‘bedroom accessories’ but we also carry a wonderful line of bath, beauty and spa products which are wonderful to use after a grueling workout at the gym (you had to know I’d find a way to tie this into a fitness post!  LOL).

My three favorite bath products are Coochy (go ahead and giggle), Kiss and Excape (had to add the Pulsa Ball and Body Dew, too).

Ease into a swirl of foamy bubbles using Excape which contains pink champagne and ginseng.  Sooth those sore muscles as you inhale the subtle scents of Island Breeze or Plumeria.  Grab your Pulsa Ball, squirt some Excape on it and scrub the grime and sweat off your skin.  Use the Pulsa Ball on the back of your next to vibrate the stress away…..or use it other places as well.  😉  😉

Coochy (still giggling?) is our shaving lotion.  It softens the hair making shaving easier and leaving skin baby soft.  It also eliminates those pesky shaving bumps you get from using plain old soap and many shaving creams.  Plus, it doubles as a hair conditioner!  It comes in Green Tea, Original, Pear Berry, Pink Cupcake or Pomegranate.

Many women love to pair Coochy with our Body Dew which is an after shower or bath spritz that contains carnation oil and comes in the same scents as Coochy.  It gives your chiseled calves a sexy sheen and makes your biceps glisten when you go out for a night on the town to show off all your hard work at the gym.

Kiss is another body spritz which comes in Island Breeze or Plumeria.  This is great to spray on after you leave the gym or to keep in your purse as a last minute refresher.

To order any of these products or many of the other ones I carry on my website just click here- Pure Romance by Kathryn.


2 thoughts on “Pure Romance- The Bath

  1. Go ahead and laugh at me too. I am a big fan of Coochy. Yes, I know what it is. It’s a shaving lotion and I stole it from my wife. I didn’t really steal it. It was in the shower. At least I have my own razor.

    • Hey, I’m not laughing! A lot of men use it and love it! My sponsor actually removed the “Coochy” from a tube with nail polish remover and gave it to her husband. He loved it and when he ran out he asked where he could buy more. She told him to go into her inventory and get a bottle of Coochy!!

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