I’m still alive……kinda

Ok, so I was doing really well with the whole BBL thing until I got food poisoning.  Well, I gave it to myself actually.  Next time I should put a sticky note with the date on the salmon when I put it in the fridge to thaw- whoopsie!  On the plus side I think I lost about five pounds.

I’ve also been taking my Adderall more regularly which not only means I’m getting a lot more done with Pure Romance and around the house but I’m paying attention to the ‘loss of appetite’ side effect.  <removed rant about people making it REALLY hard for those of us who NEED Adderall, etc to get it.  No kudos for you idiots!  You know who you are!!!!>

So, anywho, I screwed up Week Two of BBL but on the plus side I’m eating a LOT less!  I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when I don’t take my Addy I literally get sick if I don’t eat but when I do take it I’m just not hungry.  Lately it’ll be noon and I realize I’ve forgotten to eat!

Tomorrow morning I’ll simply pick up right on schedule and fill in lots of “FAIL” for last week.  I have come to realize I despise Brazil Butt Lift- not because it’s a bad program (it’s really, really good) I’m just bored with it.  I find myself rolling my eyes doing Cardio Axe because I can do it without the DVD.  But I only have two more weeks and I’m finished!

Don’t forget to nag me tomorrow to make sure I’m off my lazy butt!


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