Welcome New Bitch!

I just posted about the untimely demise of Skinny Bitch. Because I am a Gemini I need to have a twin for Slacker Fattie (who will hopefully be meeting her own untimely death soon).

So I am proud to welcome Fit Bitch. She’s out for blood after an eye opening weekend and yet another one of Slacker Fattie’s “weight loss kick off” parties. She’s pulling the plug on them. Tomorrow morning starts a “get off your fat, lazy, vodka drinking, pizza eating, drive through addict” ass party.

Hubby has been enlisted for help and God help him if he doesn’t follow through. I have alarms set to help me remember to exercise and tomorrow I’m starting a new goal for myself. I WILL succeed!!!!

I’m so tired of my clothes not fitting and not feeling healthy or sexy. I need to do this for me. I’m tired of being a failure. It’s my time to shine and honey this Halloween I’m gonna shine like the top of the Chrysler building!!!!


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