Commercial break……for Pure Romance


I started this fabulous new business called Pure Romance!

Have you ever heard of it?  No?  Oh, honey, you’ve been missing out!

Round up some of your girlfriends, co-workers and family members, make a few simple appetizers and I’ll be there in a bit.  I’ll show you some amazing bath and beauty products like Coochy, our super popular shaving cream which eliminates those nasty red bumps.

I’ll share our line of pharmaceutical grade (or better) lubricants such as Just Like Me which is a water based lubricant and our Pure Pleasure which is our silicone lubricant for those marathon nights!


We’ll play a couple of fun games and I’ll educate you in a way that’ll have you doubled over in laughter.  Then the fun really begins when I pull out my brand new tool belt filled with some bedroom accessories and relationship enhancement products that will blow your socks off!

For any of your guests that can’t make it you can direct them to my Pure Romance website where they can place an order and have it shipped directly to them in a discreet brown box.  The more they spend, the more you’ll earn in FREE products!

When guests book a party from yours, you’ll receive a special gift when they hold theirs.  If they’re coming from out of town I also do Skype, Facebook and Catalog parties!  And oh, baby, have we got some fun themed parties as well like “Little Black Dress” “House Heating” “Back on the Market” “Bachelorette” and the ever popular “50 Shades of Grey.”

Want to make a little extra money each month?  Saving for a vacation?  Looking to buy a new car?  Come party with me as a consultant and you’ll reach those goals in no time!  Our current kit sale ends August 31- you can start your new business for as low as $199!!

<end commercial>

So that’s what I do, in a nut shell.  I’m not a “vibrator saleperson” and don’t own a back alley sex shop.  Many women are uncomfortable walking into sex toy stores so by having a Pure Romance party they can invite some friends over, have some great laughs, become educated, empowered and entertained.

Thank you to the fellow bloggers who have visited and ordered from my website!  I will probably never meet you face to face but I’m so glad I was able to provide you with this little service.

Now back to exercising.  I have a 50 Shades of Grey event on September 15th and I have to fit into my plum colored Anastasia Steele inspired dress!


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