Let’s take a walk, shall we?

Last night, after half of a 32 oz Screwdriver (need I remind you I’m a mom of four including two teenage girls one who just left for college a week ago today?) I decided it would be a good time to update my Facebook status to “Why yes, I am fabulous!” What can I say? I was in a good mood.

Today I’m still feeling fabulous and stealing my neighbor’s Internet (just kidding, love WiFi) while walking. Yup, that’s right, I’m off my lazy ass and walking. And do you know what’s even better? Y’all are walking (ppllbblah! Just walked through a spider web) with me!

Let’s see what wonderful things are in my neighborhood (omg, and apparently we’ll be smelling things, too- just walked by middle school boys waiting for the bus stop, little too much cologne boys!).


It’s hard to see them but they’re there.  I didn’t want to look like a female creeper taking a picture of a bunch of kids.

I feel like Mr. Rogers.  These are the people in my neighborhood……

Da plane! Da plane!


Some of you are too young to get that joke.

We’ve had tons of rain here in Florida lately. Love Hurricane season!20120823-101305.jpg

Almost missed these birds because I was blogging.20120823-145630.jpg


Shhhhhh!!! It’s a hawk! Hang on while I trespass on someone’s lawn to get a closer picture.


Whoopsie! I spooked it.


Morning Mr. Cow!


Watch out, this bridge is super slippery…..


So is this one but we have to be extra careful since the middle school bus is driving by. We don’t want to end up on YouTube.


Hang on, Echo’s calling……..lol she butt dialed me.  Blah, blah, blah, shut up Echo…..jk.  It’s an inside joke.  Totally love her and she’s lost a TON of weight in the last few years.

Don’t step on the fuzzy caterpillar.


Watch out, duck poop.


Oh, there are the ducks. Hi duckies!


Shhhh, eavesdropping on the lawn guy’s conversation with a homeowner- just got loud and one dropped the f-bomb. Ok, they were just gossiping. Men- sheesh!

Be careful with the sidewalk.  Mother Nature apparently didn’t like the tree there.


Pretty flower.


Great, a car is coming and we have to walk on the road to avoid this guy’s lake puddle.


Wow, that’s a tall lady…..morning! Ohhhh, not a lady. Cute dress though!! Sorry, no pic, I was already looking weird enough taking pictures while walking.

Awww, my cow went to go eat with his buddies.20120823-145800.jpg

We’re in the final stretch and my back is killing me. Do you think Hubby will come pick me up????  Don’t trip while you’re doubled over laughing.

Home sweet home!!


Thanks so much for taking a walk with me today. Time for some Cheerios!!


Screech likes to drink the leftover milk.



4 thoughts on “Let’s take a walk, shall we?

  1. Holly smokes! I think that 32 oz is really a never ending supply of Screwdrivers and your on your second day of it. But I like it. You made me laugh again. Lovely walk.

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