Moving kid to college is a workout

On Thursday August 16th, 2012 I moved my oldest baby to college.  I’ve known for a year this day was coming.  It was confirmed on Christmas day when my 15 year old checked the mail we’d forgotten to check the day before and got the best Christmas present ever.  My little girl (ok, not so little- she’s 5’10”) was accepted to Florida Gulf Coast University!!!!!  (That’s in Ft. Myer’s for anyone who wanted to know).  Things were reaffirmed on my 39th birthday when she graduated from high school.

I got a nice mini workout the night before she left when we packed the cars which took several trips despite having me, all 4 kids and Kai’s friend helping- of course Hubby came out when we were all finished and had to move the mirror I knew he’d move.

My friend Josh had been doing a really good job at texting me to remind me to work out.  But not on Thursday- the one day I got in a really GOOD workout!  I got a little  bicep workout gripping the “oh shit” handle as Kai drove through a very nasty Florida storm (we have them once a day during summer).  It was the white knuckled kinda grip.  But she did a fantastic job especially considering it was her first time driving in weather that bad.

To unload, we had to walk down two flights of stairs carrying bags, totes, bigger bags and boxes while dodging the other parents and kids moving in.  Then we had to make a looooooong walk from the parking garage to the dorm (probably not that long, it just felt like it).  Then we had to wait for the elevator, walk down a long hall then toss the stuff in her room and walk down four flights of stairs- it was a good system for moving day but I felt bad for anyone on the upper floors, at least they didn’t have to walk up! We had forty-five minutes to get everything from the car to her room and we succeeded!  Ok, probably not but there was no way we were moving the truck then trekking her crap halfway across the campus, although that would have been an even better workout for me- not so much for Hubby and the little kids.

We made it but we were all beat- well half of us were.  Rach and the little kids got to hang out in the air conditioned room putting stuff away (why Kai had the little kids put her clothes away will remain a mystery).  Overall it was a good cardio and arm workout (two days later and my arms are still sore- yes, Hubby I know, wimpy wimpy wimpy!).

The ab workout came later.  I teared up when I hugged my baby goodbye and again when I got in the car.  The real tears, you know, the belly-aching sobs, came later when I called my mom.  She understood more than anyone else what I was going through.

So here I sit, about to eat lasagna with garlic cheese bread after eating two cream horns, a bowl of Cheerios and I already forgot what I had for lunch, with still sore abs and arms.  No, I’m not eating because I’m depressed.  I miss Kai a LOT but this will be good for her, she needs to spread her wings, she’s going to do great things, she needs this (blah blah blah- comments from my caring friends and family on Facebook).  I’m eating whatever I want this weekend because the real workouts and eating good start on Monday with a Fit and Healthy Challenge (yes, again) on our mommy website.


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