Extra estrogen can make you bitchy Part 1

I’m hoping there will be a Part 2.

I recently went to National Training for Pure Romance in Cincinnati, Ohio where I spent four days yelling “VAGINA” “PENIS” “CLITORIS” “VULVA” etc.  And yes, we did yell it- LOUDLY!  We attended classes to educate us on women’s health, build a better business, utilize social networking, how to breathe, what a penis could say if it could talk, etc.  I learned a LOT!

While chatting with a sister consultant, she said she learned getting rid of estrogen by pooping can help women learn to have less drama (and be less bitchy).  I’ve been a Pure Romance consultant for less than six months so my classes were chosen for me- this means I missed the 50 Shades of Grey class as well as the poop and you’ll be less of a bitch class (which was actually called “Just Breathe”). Since they were lying on their backs breathing the whole time she couldn’t take notes.  (FYI, Googling “estrogen less bitchiness” didn’t get the results I was looking for).

Here are some things I did find- none of which made me jump up and do cartwheels.

When you reach your 40’s everything goes to the crapper.  IN GENERAL- You quit sleeping, don’t care much about sex (yes, I sell products to help that), you become a bitch (or a bigger one if you weren’t one before), want to nap all the time and you’re supposed to quit drinking alcohol (umm hello, mom of 4 here, how do you think I cope???).

While doing research I realized there was waaaaaayyyyy more to this topic than I expected and this post has been sitting on my computer for 5 days now so I’m going to click ‘publish’ and write more on this later.

I have to thank my friend, Josh, for being the first of my friends to hold me accountable for more than one day.  I love my other friends but after Day 1 they seem to forget they’re supposed to remind me to get off my ass and workout.  Josh has lasted almost a week and although I haven’t done the workouts I’ve wanted to I am getting off my booty more than I have in several months.  This will change next week once the kids go to school and I can boogie and sweat all day!

Tomorrow I move my baby to college for the first time so bear with me as I most likely will spend the next few days a blubbering-sob-not-wanting-to-sob-exercise-have-to-get-sob-the-other-three-sob-kids-ready-for-sob-school mess.  Yippee!!!


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