Relaxing bath soothes aching muscles…kinda relaxing

If you’ve known me for longer than a week you know about my nightly ritual- bubble bath in garden tub+cocktail+good book+scented candle+no kids. I started this when #4 was about three years old. I figured I’d earned this one hour of me time.

Tonight I added some Epsom Salt since kicked my ass yesterday- literally. My ass is the sorest. So here I am relaxing in the tub, soothing aching muscles and blogging- yes I’m sharing my me time with you. And no there will be no pictures for you creepers that Google ‘fit’ ‘moms’ ‘naked.’

Not only do my friends know my ritual but my dogs and kids do, too. At least I thought they did until I paid closer attention tonight.

Before closing the bedroom door I warned #4 & #3 that I was off to the tub, it was time to go to bed and Daddy was in charge if any screaming was heard. Fortunately the kids are smarter than the dogs. My (daughter’s) Dachshund (which somehow became mine and Hubby’s) should know by now it goes like this- I start the water, close drain, add bubble bath, feed dog. Same routine for three years Maybe he’s just getting senile in his old age (he’s 10- don’t ever buy an eight year old a dog- EVER!). He whines and carries on like he hasn’t eaten in a month! I suppose I could feed him first but you ADDers out there know how well any changes go over.

He’s now eaten about three bites and guarding the rest from the German Rottweiler who thinks he has to guard his food from the little shit dog thus barks in my ear because his food bowl is on the step of the bath tub.

Can you tell I haven’t taken my Addy in a few days? This post was supposed to be about relaxing sore muscles. Oh well, life goes on…at least it will once my cabana boy delivers my drink. Snap, snap!! And God help me if the Rottie farts tonight……make it a double!


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