Jillian and Body Rock

Yesterday I decided to finally get off my butt and get back to working out.  I got up around 9:30 (hey, it’s still summer vacation) and already had a text from my friend Josh who is staying on my butt to work out every day.  The text was two hours old (soooo do not get up that early unless I have to).  My goal was three thirty minute workouts.  I almost made it!

I put in Jillian Michels 30 Day Shred and did the first set on level 1 (keep in mind it’s been a while since I worked out or danced).  A little while later, after another text from Josh (thank you) I pulled up BodyRock.TV and actually did a workout for the first time- I’ve watched several which I know doesn’t count.  It’s a 14 minute video but she kicks your butt big time so you don’t have to do super long workouts (totally right up my alley).  My bff and blogging buddy, Necessary Indulgences, shared BodyRock and her ab pics before, during and after a 4 week period- sign me up Sally!!

As the day dragged on my energy level was quickly dissipating.  I was going to do thirty minutes on the mini-tramp but I just couldn’t muster the energy plus I was already feeling the burn from the other two workouts…..ok, I was being lazy.  I am having energy issues though.

My friend, Dr. Gina, recently posted a tip on her Facebook page about drinking more water to help boost your energy.  I know my water intake has dwindled a lot so this week I’ll try boosting it up and see if my sluggishness fades away.  I hope it does because by about 3:00 PM I’m about to fall over and really need a nap.  Dance classes start next week so I need to be alert and not near comatose so we’ll see how the water thing goes.

I know I should get up and do some cardio but ummmm, yeah, I’m slowly tilting to the side and about to land sideways on the couch.  Maybe after a short nap I’ll gain my second wind.  If not, I’m not going to be upset.  I’ll just get up tomorrow and try to get my workouts in earlier.

Have a happy Saturday!!!


One thought on “Jillian and Body Rock

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