Ok, this is your last chance, RFM!!


I’m setting one more goal. I’ve had the Brazil Butt Lift workout set for about two years and have never gotten past one whole week. I want to go to South Beach in August for Hubby’s birthday but need to do a lot of work. If I meet this goal I will continue RFM blog and hopefully post more. If I fail then I’ll throw in the towel.

Feel free to slam me with comments or Facebook messages to encourage me to get up off my ass and finish this challenge!! I still want to do Tough Mudder but time is running out for me to train. If I can’t even complete this simple four week program there is no way I can complete the Tough Mudder.

So here we go. One last hurrah? Or a real new beginning?


12 thoughts on “Ok, this is your last chance, RFM!!

  1. You can do it! It gets easier. When I started the Brazil Butt Lift, I only made it through HALF of the first workout on the first day. But I just took it one day at a time and I was able to complete each work out for all the remaining days. And you’ll get all the Cardio Axe dance moves down after just a few times of it, so it will be a lot easier and you’ll actually be able to flow with it and it wont be frustrating! Also, don’t deel bad for easing into it by doing the level one versions of some exercises – like not using the bands and weights. If you’re feeling the workout, then its still benefiting you – so don’t be hard on yourself. If its the difference between completing it or giving up, you’ll be glad you went easier and got through the whole thing! Good luck, I’m sure you will do awesomely. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Brianna! I’ve had the set for 2 years and have done it off and on but I’m dammed determined to finally complete the whole thing. On that note, off I go for day 2! …..I’m just dreading Sculpt which I’ve never gotten through. LOL

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