A fitness challenge within a challenge

Guess who’s back?????  I had an incredibly uplifting phone call from my friend Michelle who has been a loyal RFM follower for a while.  She called to ask me a few questions and the more we talked the more I was inspired and motivated by her even though she told me that I was motivating and inspiring her!  She told me about a time three years ago when she saw me for the first time at a Moms Night Out event and pointed out to our friend Sabrina that she liked my outfit.  Sabrina told her I’d recently lost some weight and won a weight loss contest and said, “…doesn’t she look great?”  <insert proud smile here>  Michelle started losing weight back in November and posted on her Facebook yesterday that she’d lost almost 40 pounds!!!! She’s suffered through some family losses, had two children and deals with some medical issues.  She finally hit her breaking point and decided to get up and do something about her weight.  I shared her story with Hubby last night and told him that I felt bad because she followed my blog  and I haven’t done a very good job at keeping up with it or exercising.  He nodded his head in that annoying “Mmmmhhhmmm, told you so!” kind of way (He told me once that I can’t write a fitness blog if I never work out.  I challenged him by saying, “Can too!  I write about how hard it is to try to work out!”)

Michelle and a group of other moms joined a Fit and Healthy by Summer challenge that I started on Tampa Bay Moms Group.  Moms have 30 days to get fit and healthy.  We took measurements at the beginning and check in weekly to share our progress, tips, and of course bad days and wagon crashes (we all have them!).  I think we’ve lost some moms along the way but I’m hoping they’ll pop back in for the last six weeks.  One mom has lost 10 pounds and another is almost under 150 pounds!

This is the motivational picture I posted with their weekly check in:

Me and my ADD brain don’t do well with long goals.  I realized today that I need to break it down into smaller goals (duh).  So I’ve decided to make a small goal of one week.  Starting today I’m drinking my Body by Vi shakes and EXERCISING!!!!!!!  I had a yummy Orange Creamsicle shake this morning, did P90x Cardio X then ate German noodles with not so healthy gravy on it but it was a small serving!

I took a picture of my muffin top for my Visalus Tuesday Challenge and we’ll see what it looks like by Tuesday of next week.  I’ll take some other full body ones but I’m sure they’ll look like all my other “before” pictures.  I really want to change my lifestyle and make sure I’m exercising at least three times a week once I get down to where I want to be.  I’m tired of being a yo yo.  Bye bye belly!!!

Slacker Fattie is about to be trumped by Skinny Bitch again!!!


2 thoughts on “A fitness challenge within a challenge

  1. We are motivating each other! So glad you came up with this challenge! Thank you for all of your support and kind words while we progress!

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