New challenge!!!

I figured before I started clogging up your email inboxes with ‘new posts’ I’d better explain what’s going on.  Today I started a Fit and Healthy by Summer challenge on Tampa Bay Moms Group.

Each mom is sending me their beginning measurements and before pictures.  Next, they’ll make healthy changes to their food intake and up their physical activity.  At the end of three months we’ll check their measurements and after pictures and find winners!  I’m still in the process of gathering prizes so if anyone out there would like to donate let me know.

One of the challengers suggested I post healthy recipes.  I sat in front of my computer for several minutes before asking the advice of her and another mom on the best way to make them easily accessible to everyone.  We finally decided I’d place them on here then do posts on TBMG for each category.

So please bear with me as I add a bunch of recipes over the next several hours (and probably days).  It’s a good thing I type fast!

If you have any healthy recipe blogs you think I should share with the moms please post them below!  Although I can’t win I’m still participating since I still want to do the Tough Mudder and need motivation to get off my butt.  I know I always come up with excuses not to exercise and blog but I did start a new business which is keeping me busy.  Visit Pure Romance Kathryn to check it out (like the plug? lol).  On the plus side, I’ll get back to blogging again!

So please accept my apology for the new post overload but maybe you’ll find some yummy ones to try.  And don’t forget to comment below to motivate me to look hot and sexy for my daughter’s high school graduation, my first recital in 20 years and my 20th high school reunion (it’s going to be a super busy summer!).


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