Ugh to the illness

Of course as soon as I decide to start training for Tough Mudder I get sick.  It’s been a three week struggle but I’m finally 95% better.  Now I have to muster up the motivation to get back into exercising 2-3 times a day!  That’s the hard part.

I’m armed with a new P90x Plyometrics DVD after losing my first one and am excited to try out the more advanced belly dancing ones a friend gave me (no, there’s no dancing in Tough Mudder but I gotta keep things fun for me!).

I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday to make sure I’m physically fit to do this intense competition and am hoping for a clean bill of health despite my hip issues and arthritic dancer’s knees.  Even if he suggests against it, I am still determined to get through the whole three month P90x schedule.  I’ve had it for almost two years and it’s time to just dive in and hit it.

I’ve taken so much time off from doing a regular exercise schedule that I’m having trouble getting up and pushing the “play” button.  I struggle within myself on when (as in what time of day) to get my groove on.  I think the easiest will be to lay out workout clothes the night before, put them on while the kids are getting ready for school and head straight to the fitness room as soon as I come back home.  It’s so tempting to simply crawl in bed but that’s not where the cool fit moms hang out!

Tomorrow I’ll start with a great workout in the morning with my dance moms then come home and pop in that first P90x DVD.  I’ll already be amped up from dancing so I might as well use that energy as a starting point.  Here we go!


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