Ack! I’ve kept you all in suspense!

I just realized I never posted my “after” pictures for my 3 month long weight loss challenge with Erica (which ended 3 months ago- whoopsie!).  I posted them on my Facebook and thought I’d put them here, too, but when I went to look for them……they weren’t there!

I’m so sorry!

Ok, so here is my before and middle picture (Slacker Fattie’s not looking so hot):

The one on the left was taken on 9/25/11 and the one on the right was taken on 10/10/11.  Pretty good, huh?

Here’s my after picture taken on 11/23/11:

The return of Skinny Bitch! Muahahahahaha!  I was very proud of myself! 🙂

Unfortunately I’ve gained some of the weight back (which is typical for most normal women) but I’m gearing up for the Tough Mudder in December and my 20th high school reunion in June so have a lot of work to do.  I’ve been sick the past two weeks and am looking forward to setting some new goals as soon as I’m back to feeling 100%.

I’m not completely shallow, my main focus is to feel and be healthier more so than looking hot (although the looking hot part will be a nice bonus LOL).  I know this next journey will be filled with all the regular ups and downs that go along with me and my lovely goals but I will continue this fight as long as I’m alive- and I’ll do it with great joy and passion!  Yes, I know that sounded incredibly corny but it’s true.   Here we go again!


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