My goal for blogging about my fitness journey was to be able to reach out and motivate or inspire just one person.  Through comments on here, my Facebook page (both personal and RFM’s) and Twitter I’ve discovered I’ve reached out to a lot of people.  That’s not the “a lot” like the big time fitness bloggers who touch the lives of thousands or millions.  It’s more the “a lot” of a small time blogger- not to many that I don’t have time to personally thank them which I like.

Often times I feel like no one reads RFM especially since I’ve made myself stop being obsessive about how many page views I have.  Plus I keep hearing about how narrow a market fitness is and most people don’t give a hoot about being fit.  Guess someone needs to tell the multi-billion dollar fitness industry about that one so they stop wasting their time.

This morning one of my mommy friends (like I have any friends that aren’t mommies) posted on her Facebook that she’d lost another 4 pounds bringing her total to 31 pounds lost.  She added “insert happy dance.”  I told her to keep on dancin’ because it’s a great way to lose more!  This was her reply back and the inspiration for this post “Thanks Kathryn! I love reading your blog btw, you’re inspiring, and the last one about being a “real” fit mom, I loved it!”

I went to my own Facebook page and wrote, “I love it when people I inspire turn around and inspire me.”  Then I hopped on over here to write a post about it.  Sometimes all someone needs is a gentle push, a little word of encouragement, or a good swift kick in the butt.  The important thing is to get up and move.  Just move.

What inspires you to be more fit and healthy?


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