Real Fit Mom a fraud?

I’ve heard this a couple of times since creating this blog.  The word “real” is first because that’s the main point.

I’ve shown you my before pictures….and my before pictures….and my after pictures…and my before pictures.  Becoming fit and healthy is a real struggle for most women.  It’s not as easy as the already fit women you see all over the internet, TV and in magazines make it look.  I know it wasn’t easy for them but usually what you hear them talk about is how unfit they were before but “look at me now!”  I hope one day to get to that point and not ever have to do before pictures again but I know me.  It’s very difficult to get into a routine and stay there- as you’ve seen because I show you the real.

(pic from here)

I don’t love to workout out.  I dread it.  Once I put the DVD in or walk into the gym I’m ready to go but getting up to do it is my biggest struggle.  I was doing pretty good the month I paid to work out with Kill Mode Training.  But then Christmas hit and things were busy and money was especially tight.  Afterward I had some personal struggles but all is well and I really need to get back into the swing of things.  I need to make exercise a real part of my life and not make it an extra thing.

Fitness for me is not about being skinny it’s about being healthy and providing a positive real role model for my kids.  Many times when I do DVD’s at home my 5 year old daughter will come in and do them with me.  If my 7 year old son sees me lifting weights he’ll grab some lighter weights and lift, too.

Am I fit?  Right now, no.  But with the Tough Mudder coming up in December I need to be unless I want to be a Real Injured Mom.  Real Fit Mom is for those who care about being fit and healthy.  Plain and simple.

Am I a fraud?  No.  I’m just real.


6 thoughts on “Real Fit Mom a fraud?

  1. Great post! So true. They never show the ‘in between’ from the huge “old me” pictures to the beautiful and skinny “new me” pictures. They also don’t show the pregnancy scars and cellulite you get from once being big.

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