Kill Mode Training videos

I finally got my videos to upload.  These are just some of the fun workouts you can do when you train with Kill Mode.

Pay no attention to me, just check out the guy behind me!!!  LOL

Flipping the tire was waaaaaay harder than I thought it would be.  I struggled getting back up and kept getting corrected for using my back.  Bad RFM!!!

Killer oblique workout!

For more Kill Mode pictures and videos please visit these posts:

Catching up  (my first Kill Mode session)

Session 2- TRX time! (Includes my very first blog video featuring me!)

Fun with Kill Mode Training

You’ll see me use the word “fun” a lot when talking about training with Kill Mode.  Why?  Because every session has honestly been fun!  If you’ve followed me for a year or are just joining you’ll know that I don’t sugar coat things and always give it to you straight.   One of the reasons I decided to start including pictures of me was to show you how real it is.  To take it a step further I even added the videos so you could see the struggle, the sweat and hear the laughter.  This could be you!


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