Fun with Kill Mode training

I’ve been enjoying training with Kill Mode for three weeks now.  I’m getting stronger and stronger with every session!  My endurance has improved greatly and I’m starting to see some definite muscle tone!  Tiffani has been amazing so far to workout with and keeps every session fun, new and loads of fun.  I know I’ve been way behind with posting but mommy life has gotten the best of me recently.

Here are the pictures from the last few sessions:

Working on my flabby triceps

Love those lunges!

There was a hot guy who kept stepping in front of my spotting point.  you didn’t hear me complain!

Pump that iron!

Running up!

Running down…….you should see the guys who run with heavy sacks over their shoulders, very impressive.

We got to play out in the Gauntlet!  Pounding a tire is a great way to release tension…and a lot harder than it looks!

Tiffani thought I was kidding when I told her I was worried about hitting myself in the head.  With my hip and tailbone injuries she should get how accident prone I am!  LOL

Kettlebell time!

I’m movin’ so fast I’m a blur!

There you go!  You’re all caught up now with my last few sessions.  I’m having trouble getting my videos uploaded so those will have to wait till next time.

If you want to win a session with Kill Mode visit Tampa Bay Moms Group!


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